We transform sales with Google Sheets

Running your business is stressful enough. Technology getting in the way isn't helping at all. We, at Bridgeworks, believe that every business problem has a radically simple software solution. The success of our first invoicing automation tool - BillMyClients, connected us with more than a hundred business owners who suffered from organisational chaos, inconsistencies and financial loss due to outdated software. If your old systems are dragging you behind, here is why it's time to consider Google for Business:

  • You're tired of paying for various pieces of software which empty your wallet and create an IT support nightmare;
  • Your sales team lacks direction due to poor collaboration;
  • Pricing inconsistencies result in financial loss and make you look unprofessional.

Our experience in extending Google Sheets and Docs helps us revolutionise sales processes like invoicing and quoting for tens of thousands of customers. Why not do this for your business too? Contact us and let us know what keeps you up at night!