SellMyProducts: A Painless CPQ Solution for Google Sheets

Are you a star salesperson who loves to convert leads instead of sending the wrong quote or frustrate with a price list that makes no sense? Boy, we have something for you.

The success of our first add-on for Google Sheets - BillMyClients, led us to uncover a pain that we at BridgeWorks cure with radically simple software:

With SellMyProducts, we are addressing an even bigger pain - sending accurate quotes without the risk of costly mistakes. Our Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) add-on for Google Sheets helps sales people to configure price quotes directly from their price lists.

SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets

Configure Product

SellMyProducts lets business-owners search and add products to quotes. Users can also configure the products in their Sheets pricelists by setting dependencies and exclusions that fit their business and pricing model.
Configure Product

Configure Customer

In a similar way, our CPQ extension allows for the configuration of client and partner discounts that are applied to the total value of the quote.
Configure Customer

Create Quote

Adding a product to the quote includes its dependencies too. Incompatible products are identified, which improves the quality of the quote and saves plenty of time of the sales person. Quotes can be saved or emailed as a PDF attachment.
Email Quote The quote template is a Google Docs document that becomes directly accessible in the Google Sheet. It's up to the the user to decide whether they want to send the email right away or to preview it in Gmail first.
Preview Quote The Gmail preview opens Gmail with a populated email template and a PDF copy of the quote.
Preview Gmail

SellMyProducts is a configure-price-quote extension that automates proposals in Google Sheets.

Are you interested in participating in the private beta of the add-on? Contact us!