Defining Products with Dependencies and Exclusions

While working on BillMyClients, we noticed that one of the biggest pains for sales managers and small business owners was maintaining complex price lists. Companies, that didn't have the budget or the IT resources to implement costly solutions like Salesforce, saw themselves struggling to identify and take advantage of many profit-boosting opportunities. SellMyProducts, our radically simple Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) solution, eliminates these pains.

Leverage cross-sell, upsell and bundles

Do you feel that your sales reps could be selling more than they do on a daily basis? SellMyProduct allows you to define dependencies right in your Sheets price list, so that you never miss an opportunity to provide your customers with the best possible offer.

SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Dependencies

Thanks to our CPQ add-on for Google Sheets, sales people can see in a straight-forward visual way what other products they could upsell, cross-sell or bundle with that item before adding it to their quote. The dependencies are automatically added to the quote value.

This feature is particularly handy for operations maintaining complex and constantly changing price lists.

Send quotes that convert

In a similar fashion, sales people can configure Exclusions for any product in the price list.

SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Exclusions

The product is then added to the quote with its exclusions. This way, by showing your customer the added value that they get from a single purchase, you get an extra selling point and greater conversion opportunities.

Send accurate quotes every time

SellMyProducts identifies conflicts thus eliminating the risk of costly mistakes. It alerts the sales person visually and allows them to resolve the conflicts before adding wrongly configured items to their quotes.

For example, a BMW 5 with a petrol engine would be bundled with a petrol subscription plan as a dependency. The sales person doesn't have to remember to include the plan in the quote, as it's automatically added alongside the base product.

SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Dependency

If the sales person tries to add a second product, say Premium Membership Card for diesel engine owners, SellMyProducts will alert them of potential conflicts. In the example used below, a sales person would realise that they can't sell a diesel membership card to petrol subscribers, because Petrol subscription has Premium Membership (DIESEL) as an exclusion.

SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Exclusion

SellMyProducts is currently in beta and we're constantly searching for new sales pains to solve. Why not yours? Contact us and let us know what you're struggling with so we could get it out of your way in the next version of SellMyProducts.