Send price quotes in SellMyProducts in 5 steps

Our radically simple CPQ solution - SellMyProducts - allows you to create and email quotes in a few clicks within a single application. Thanks to the seamless integration between Google Sheets, Docs and Gmail, sales people can now send accurate quotes to their customers directly from the pricelist.

Step 1: Navigate to SellMyProducts add-on and select "Create quote" from the menu

SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Create Quote

SellMyProducts' Create Quote page opens up in the side bar with Quote ID, Version and sender ("By") automatically populated with your data.

Step 2: In the side bar, go to "For" to search and select your customer. The list is automatically filtered based on your search query through a sophisticated smart search functionality.

Search customers:

SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Search customer

Select one client:

SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Select customer

Any pre-configured client discount is automatically deducted from the total value of the quote.

Step 3: Go to "Products" to search and select one or more of the products in your pricelist. Any pre-configured dependencies are added automatically to the quote.

SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Select products

In the example above, the main quote item is BMW 5-Series Essential. The rest of the items are dependencies of the main product.

Step 4: Select a quote template of your choice. Clicking "Select" opens up a modal dialog directly in Sheets that allows you to browse through your existing templates in Docs without leaving the application.

SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Select template

Step 5: Hit "Save" to save the quote for later, or "Email quote" to send it to your customer right away via Gmail.
SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Select template Clicking Preview in Gmail creates a draft email with the pdf as an attachment.
SellMyProducts Add-on for Sheets - Select template

SellMyProducts is available as a fully functional demo version for the first ten quotes. If you'd like to continue using SellMyProducts, please subscribe for a perpetual license on our website. Happy selling!